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5 Habits To Help You Achieve Expression, Better Boundaries, Self Confidence

Are you constantly feeling emotionally drained and overwhelmed because no one seems to give you space or approve of your feelings? If so, you may be struggling with setting boundaries around your personal space, emotions, and body. Unfortunately, personal boundaries aren't as apparent as the fences in our yards. However, it's possible to express yourself and set limits for healthy relationships. 

Instead of secluding us from loved ones and strangers, boundaries set guidelines for navigating relationships with people in our personal and professional circles. They give you the confidence and self-expressions required to foster healthy relationships. There are several ways you can create boundaries in your life and continually build your self-expression and self-esteem. 

1. Know Your Limits 

The first step in setting boundaries is knowing what you want and how far you're willing to go in any situation. Stay tuned with your feelings because they act as warning signals for when your boundaries are being violated. Fear, anxiety, guilt, and resentment are common feelings when you are in an unhealthy relationship. 

2. Communicate 

Gather the courage no matter how frightened or angry you feel, and express yourself. You can express yourself through direct but respectful words, where the other person listens, or through actions. In some exploitative situations, it's best to create boundaries by leaving or starting a new activity to occupy your time. Fortunately, it's easier to be assertive over time. Start slow and celebrate those small wins. 

3. Boundaries Are Flexible 

The best part about boundaries is that they are flexible. You can be as flexible or as strict as needed depending on how you feel and your relationship with someone. The goal is to conserve your emotional energy and act as your advocate. 

4. Prioritize Self Care 

Take time to meditate, and think about yourself. Self-care improves your self-awareness and helps you cope with days when you're feeling down. More importantly, self-care is an opportunity to be kind to yourself. 

5. Seek Help 

If you're experiencing difficulty establishing boundaries, seek help from friends, family, or a professional therapist. 

Don't let life overwhelm you when you can set boundaries.

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