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Tips and Tricks to Stay Busy at Home

Sticking to your daily routine is easier than you think - even if you’re staying in the comfort of home. How can you fill your time in the most productive way and beneficial to your mental health?

Sudden life changes create anxiety and stress, especially during a pandemic. It is out of one's control like a natural disaster and this creates an element of the "unknown". This always instills fear in people. We are told we should take preventative measures and stay positive. How does one stay positive without many options of activities?


Take this time to catch up on the tasks that you were holding off. These are five ways to fill your day with different positive activities:

1. Exercise for 30 minutes! Try that workout that you haven't had time for. Whether it is Yoga or strength training, many gyms and trainers are offering online workout classes. Peloton is offering 90 day free membership on their workout app. Orange Theory is also offering home workouts.

2. Build your career! Many options for online networking events are available to grow your professional network. Organizations such as Small Business Administration (SBA) can also guide you through planning, building, managing, and expanding your business.

3. Learn to cook or bake something new. Pinterest has many amazing simple recipes to make delicious food. Some favorites are penne with pink vodka sauce or cinnamon rolls.

4. Go out for a walk. An outdoor walk can improve one's mood. Breathing the fresh air, seeing different people, and moving in nature helps the mind and body. It helps reduce tensions, stress, and anxiety. It also rejuvenates the soul. Outdoor walks are energy boosters. Anytime you feel tired, fatigued, or even lazy, try taking a 10-minute walk.

5. Declutter. This will help build self-efficacy. Decluttering involves physical activity which will also require movement, even if that is slow. It will also open space and time to get important work and task done. Decluttering is helpful for the psyche. When one is organizing, you may also be organizing and clean out a lot of emotional residue within.


It is important that during this difficult time, a daily routine is maintained. Waking up early, getting a nice outdoor walk or workout in, and having a healthy breakfast are great ways to start your day during the quarantine. Whether you are working from home or not currently working, it is important to create a steady schedule. This maintains the sense of purpose one usually has throughout the week. It also creates positivity during a stressful time and a state of oblivion. In other words, use this time for self-care, catching up on important tasks, and decluttering both externally and internally.

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