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A Different Perspective

“Can 2020 Be Over?” Is the question many have asked. Many challenges were faced from the beginning of the year. Some may say that this has been a historically significant year. Half of the year has gone by in a brisk, and it has become difficult to remember positives which have occurred. We started the year off with devastating Australian brushfires, Kobe and Gigi Bryant (along with seven other passengers) dying in a helicopter crash, and conflicts between Iran and America causing many to fear a war approaching. Little did we know that almost two months later, we would be fighting a virus later entitled Covid-19 causing most of the world to shut down in quarantine. Moreover, when everyone thought we would begin going back to “normal”, a man named George Floyd was killed by officers leading to nation- wide protests and riots.

Half way through the year and many have experienced devastation, worry, fear, grief, trauma, and stress. Many wonder where this leaves people emotionally. They question: “What is the right way to cope? Is what I am feeling okay? How can I help society? Why is everything so negative this year? How can I bring children into this cruel world? Why do I feel guilty for having a positive outlook? Why can’t I have a graduation?” With all of the current events and uncertainty in the world, many emotions become entangled. The truth is, not matter what feelings are surfacing, you are allowed to feel them. There is no right or wrong way to cope. Each person is currently reacting based on their past experiences and possible traumas. It is important to understand and respect people’s choices on how to cope and whether they are active in the community or taking time for themselves.

What if you were to shift your perspective? Is it possible to continue having a positive outlook regardless of the chaos going on around the world? What if 2020 is not over? 2020 might be the year that people in the world needed in order to create positive changes. In every stage of our lives, we grow significantly when we experience challenges. During our childhoods, we fell and struggled before we learned to stand up and walk. When we studied hard in school, we would overcome challenging classes. When we experienced our first breakup or loss, many tears were shed before we were able to get pick ourselves back up again. Of course these are smaller examples, but we don’t feel the struggle of those stages as heavily because we have overcome those challenges. With its discomfort and challenges, this year can make us stronger for the next. We can make this year the one where we take steps to create positive changes within ourselves. Everyone needs to take this time to reflect on themselves, their thoughts, and actions. It is a year to create awareness and insight within our selves and in turn within our communities. Don’t let this year pull you down and break you, but transform you into a stronger, more aware, and intelligent human being. It is not 2020 that needs to change, it is each one of us.

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